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Consider this page your electronic bulletin board. We’ll post all the announcements and information as well as recognize our incredible students here.

Spelling Bee

We would like to congratulate Alan R. on making it to the Regional Spelling Bee. He did a wonderful job representing MIT. Way to go, Alan!

Student Council

“The nature of leadership is all around us”- AASC

Recently MIT’s student council attended the AASC conference. It was an event that was full of both fun and educational opportunities that offered a platform for our members to share ideas and memories! With over one thousand students from across the entire state, our members had the opportunity to represent and converse insightful ideas to bring back to their school and community. Every moment of every day, we were surrounded by people that showed love, respect, attention, and dedication. Listening to various keynote speakers, our students were able to learn and experience the true nature of a real leader. How a true leader understands how far kindness can go in our lives. This conference was truly a riveting experience. With the passion and admiration these students have, one can only look forward to the plans MIT’s student council will have for us. -- MIT Student Council

Lunch Past Due Balances

MIT Food and Nutrition Services recognize that healthy, nutritious meals are an important component of student readiness and ability to learn. By statute, the food and nutrition services department is a self-supporting fund that shall not have a negative balance at the close of a fiscal year. Unpaid charges place a financial strain on the food service department and on the district’s operating budget. Parents and guardians, please ensure your child’s meal account is current. You may check your account balance and make payment online by logging into the EZSchoolPay.

You may also make payment in person or send cash or check (payable to MIT Foodservice) with your child. For any questions regarding the meal account, please contact Soila Ramos at (602) 477-2780 ext. 4206. 

Celebrating Our Students
MIT Semester 1 Awards Ceremony Photos - View More Photos

Our students work diligently and have already accomplished a lot this year! We had our first semester awards ceremony on Friday, January 13 to celebrate some of their achievements so far. We are proud of all of our generous, hardworking students! What a great time to be an Iron Eagle!

Citizenship Award Recipients

Grade 7: Amanda B.
Grade 9: Keymora M., Munir T., Peyton W., Neiah N.
Grade 10: Michael H., Yajaira C., Karina M., Isabella G., Ruqaiya G.
Grade 11: Kiara F., Muzammil H., Ann A., Neo G., Damarion M., Ivan H., Zahra A.
Grade 12: Nahomy C., Carlos B.

Honor Roll Students

Grade 7: Anna A., Sharae M., Ciara S., Joe S.
Grade 8: Daniel A., Ethan B., Rheedita B., Dylan P.
Grade 9: Afsana A., Sanaa B., Angela B., Michelle C., Atoi C., Camila E., Maryam K., Victor L., Keymora M., Chidera N., Ixel R., Munir T., Irys T., Miranda V.
Grade 10: Nashat A., Adan A., Abel B., Alonso C., Guillermo D., Fernando F., Ruqaiya G., Isabella G., Anthony H., Michael H., Michelle H., Christian J., Bilal K., Chinyere N., Genesis R., Moises R.
Grade 11: Zahra A., Davian A., Matthew B., Liliana C., Eddy G., Raheemah G., Neo G., Ivan H., Sofia L., Damarion M., Anthony Q., Aniyah R.
Grade 12: Alexa A., Carlos B., Gisselle C., Nahomy C., Danielle K., Joshua L., Imad M., Shantal S., Oswaldo S.

Most Improved Award Recipients

Grade 7: Felipe M., Osvaldo F.
Grade 9: Abel A., Ximena J., Leonardo T., Jordan H., Amber Q., Amayah S.
Grade 10: Alexander J., Grang D., Zillah A.
Grade 11: Pablo-Josue R., Gerald R., Nyle S., Janelle L., Alberto N., Luis G., Terren V.
Grade 12: Delena W.

MIT Sports

Congratulations to our senior, Jesus G., on being selected into the Division 2 All state soccer team. And congratulations to our junior, Brandon P., on making it into the Honorable Mention soccer team.

MIT Ethics Project

The Science Ethics Class has been working on a Project called “MIT Ethics.” Each team researched a topic and interviewed the MIT community about issues in relation to their theme. Based on analysis of the data collected in surveys and interviews, they created an awareness campaign to improve our MIT Ethical Culture. Some teams designed informational websites, created awareness posters, and made commercial videos with information and skits to educate our community about its importance. The teams will share the campaigns with our school and community. Our themes are:

  • Homework and Test Honesty
  • Community Service
  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Traffic Rules
  • Recycling Trash
  • Uniform Policy and
  • Phones Use

Please be aware and help us be a better MIT Community!

Summary of Active and Inactive COVID-19 Cases

We want you to feel safe and to stay informed. Please check this update regularly for the latest information on known COVID-19 cases at MIT.