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Got kids? Then you’ve got questions. We can help you out with the questions we hear the most from our MIT families.

What are the school hours?

Monday through Friday 8:00–3:30 p.m.
Every Wednesday is early release at 12:00 p.m.

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Does MIT require us to wear uniforms?

Yes. We require all students attending MIT to dress in size-appropriate clothing in the following attire:


  • Students wear solid white shirts with the MIT logo Monday through Thursday and may wear purple polo shirts on Fridays.
  • We require students keep tops tucked in.
  • Students may only wear white undershirts under their tops.


  • Students wear solid khaki or black (with no logos) pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, or skirts. 
  • We do not permit shorts (for boys or girls), skirts, or jumpers to hit higher than two inches above the knee.
  • Pants may not touch the ground or flare wider than a shoe length at the bottom.

Sweaters and Jackets

  • Students wear the uniform cardigan, sweater, vest, or jacket.


  • Students may wear a bow tie or long tie any day.


  • Students wear a solid brown or black belt.
  • No initials or logos may appear on belts or belt buckles.
  • Belts should not exceed one size larger than the waist.


  • Shoes must be closed-toed and closed-heeled. We do not permit platform shoes, open-toed sandals, flip flops, or slippers.
  • Students correctly lace and securely tie all shoelaces.
  • Socks and tights are solid white, black, or brown.
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Where do I purchase uniforms?

Educational Outfitters of Phoenix
1628 E. Southern Ave., Suite #11
Tempe, Arizona 85282

Phone: (480) 429.5136
Text: (480) 526.9333

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What is the criteria to attend MIT?

Students who attend MIT must obtain a letter of recommendation from a teacher or administrator of the school they attend within the Riverside Elementary School District #2. The qualified student must demonstrate an aptitude for STEM² subjects and be willing to put in the time and work required of advanced coursework. For more specifics, please visit our Enrollment page.

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My child has received a recommendation letter to attend MIT. How do we register?

Congratulations, and welcome to the MIT family! We’ve got everything you need to know on our Enrollment page.

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My child needs to take medication during the school day. What is the protocol?

Students may receive medication during school hours if it is essential to maintaining their good health and meets the following criteria:

  • Prescription medicine must be in its original, sealed container and labeled with the student’s name, date, name of medicine, dosage, and pharmacy medication number. 
  • A doctor’s note must accompany prescription medication. 
  • Prescription refills must fulfill the same criteria.
  • All non-prescription medicine must be in its original container. We will not accept medications placed in plastic bags.
  • Over-the-counter medicine must have the student’s name, date, dosage, and time of administration. 
  • A parent/guardian must deliver the medication directly to the school office and complete the Authorization to Administer Medication form 
  • We will not keep more than a one-month supply at the school for students who receive medicine on a regular basis.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from providing or administering any medication to themselves or any other student. The only exception to this rule applies to students who require epinephrine injections (i.e., using an Epi-pen) or inhalers. 

At the end of the school year, we require a parent/guardian to pick up any remaining medication. We will dispose of unclaimed medication one week after the last day of school.

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May I visit my son or daughter on campus during the school day?

We love when parents get involved provided it does not distract from or interfere with the learning process. For the safety and security of our students, we require all visitors to check in at the school office and obtain a visitor’s badge.

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